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      Logistic business tour

      Logistic business tour


      There are different types of such tourism for various purposes. Logistic business tours have appeared recently and are organized for business purposes. You can go to almost any country but traditionally the most popular destinations are the states of the Eurasian region, the Middle East, North America.

      What is a logistics business tour

      These are trips for people who are interested in any field of managing a company. It is possible to send as one employee or several and even a large group. Logistic business tours are conducted all year since such trips should not be considered ordinary tourism which is organized in winter. This also includes trips for visiting exhibitions, international forums, symposia, other events.

      It is not hard to organize a logistics business tour. It will be necessary to observe only basic formalities and prepare the necessary regulatory documents. This is relevant both for young and rapidly developing countries striving to enter the international level. This just means the exchange of experience and not only theory but also practice.

      Organization of a business tour to Israel

      Germany and other countries of the European Union as well as Israel are the market leaders. Organizing a business tour to Israel is a great opportunity. By the way, such activity may be called “corporate tourism” emphasizing that cooperation is mostly carried out between large corporations and not a single employee but a whole group is sent to exchange experience.

      Of course, organizing a business tour to Israel has its peculiarities and some problematic issues but there are much more advantages. You have to consider the following of them:

      • People choose Israel because this country is generally considered a country with a highly developed economy and plenty of business opportunities.

      • Here, you can get aware of leading technologies and advanced developments in various fields, whether medicine or other sectors.

      • There are plenty of so-called “high-tech companies” in Israel. The most important rival for this country can be only the famous Silicon Valley which is located on the North American continent.

      Organizing a business tour to Israel or another country there must be taken into consideration many formalities including everyday issues regarding the accommodation of participants. Among important factors are time and season and the need for preliminary preparation, etc. A properly organized tour guarantees many bonuses.

      Purposes of business tours


      One of the main issues concerning the question – purpose and desired results. As a rule, the purpose of a business tour means the following several aspects:

      • Meetings and negotiations with partners and potential partners

      • Establishing business contacts

      • Attracting investors and searching for suppliers

      • Thematic events in terms of business specifics 

      In general, the purpose of a business tour is to increase the business return, overcome some problems, and share an experience. It will be possible to combine such a trip with an ordinary vacation. Especially if we talk about a country with a fertile climate.

      Many company owners consider such trips extremely important. Among the purposes of a business tour, it is worth mentioning the next: it will be possible to check the success of divisions and other countries facilities functioning. Knowledge, skills, abilities of people are increasing and everything may be used by the company in the future.


      Who is the business tour useful for?

      Generally speaking, the benefits will be for all participants somehow connected with the business. Those people who find a business tour useful mostly become heads of departments and they use knowledge in practice including creating new career horizons. This sharing of experience gives an ability to adopt foreign developments and adapt them to domestic realities.

      Answering the question about who the business tour is useful for you should pay attention to the following table:


      For start-up entrepreneurs

      Attending such trips you will learn about advanced technologies and get aware of the nuances of functioning

      For experienced entrepreneurs

      Such an approach will increase the knowledge level, optimize the company’s work and neglect overspending.

      There is a purpose of visiting exhibitions, fairs, forums – events of various formats. Many people are already aware of who the business tours are useful for because they consider their functioning to reach the international level. Sometimes it is also common in cases where it is necessary to get in touch with government authorities, obtain permits, certificates and other documents which will make it possible to fully conduct business in a particular country.


      What is the host

      The comfort of people and their safety depend on organizational issues. The host country is also of great importance which means its ability to meet the basic needs of visitors. There should be preliminary negotiations for resolving the current working moments associated with the arrival of people.

      As a rule, the host is a company or specific company owners and contractors. Their tasks include escorting people, moving them to the temporary residence place and providing appropriate conditions.

      Talking about the host it is worth considering the following points:

      • Do not confuse the concepts of “inviting party” and “hosting party” since they are often not the same thing.

      • In the first case, we talk about the party giving the invitation, and in the second, about the party directly preparing the conditions for the actual attendance of people.

      • Obligations are stipulated in advance, for example, hotel booking, registration of visitors, prompt notification of supervisory and regulatory authorities about the arrival of people, migration registration (if it’s required), other procedures.

      What is the tour program

      Generally, there are many events to attend. So, the tour program is several services, planned events, places to visit. Guided tours to warehouses of market leaders, visiting forums, symposia, exhibitions, making a presentation, searching for partners, etc.

      It is impossible to tell what exactly the tour program includes since it largely depends on the specifics of the business itself. For example, it might include the following:


      Conducting a cycle of classes allows considering specific cases


      Attending activities concerning the acquisition of skills concerning the theoretical base


      Recreation program since it is impossible to make sure that all activity was directed exclusively to business meetings. People need a good rest and some kind of recovery which will increase the effectiveness of such tours

      Tour price, its dependence

      The price is directly influenced by its duration, the number of traveling people, the saturation of the program and some other factors. The price of the tour is calculated in advance taking into account the possibilities of the inviting and hosting party as well as wishes regarding the organization. If everything is done just properly then such an investment will pay off for sure.

      And even more. The spent cost of the tour may be considered as a profitable investment in the company development, its future and some kind of investment in the employees’ professionalism. This is an opportunity to gain new experience and as it’s said nowadays “to improve professional and communication skills.” It is possible to make such a trip even more profitable. For example, organize all business moments, events and meetings on weekdays. Spend weekends or one day a week resting and having informal communication.

      Sometimes the cost of tours is quite impressive considering the fact of needing to pay for expensive flights, booking hotels, etc. There is also a more budgetary variation. As a rule, if the trip is connected with traveling across a continent (for example, the Eurasian one) then the price will be lower. More faraway and longer trips will cost more. That is why speaking about Ukraine it’s obvious to note the increased interest of compatriots to the countries of the European Union as well as to the Scandinavian countries, Israel which is traditionally a perfect model of the great development success of not only tourism but also for business.

      What else is worth noting about business tours:

      Business tourism is a separate area and a kind of a rapidly growing sector. Some adjustments make changes in the political and social environment. Of course, some unforeseen circumstances like pandemics may also affect it which can be sufficient for all countries of the world. In this period any tourism is stopped and business tours are also no exception. At the same time, communication is activated through virtual technologies, convenient business platforms, programs creating the illusion of participation. This is relevant for any area:  logistics and manufacturing and industry information technology, etc.

      Its features:

      • Traditionally, people consider more attractive areas combining several aspects: they are of interest looking from a business point of view and inspire confidence in terms of organization and security. Many countries (such as Israel) tend to offer a sufficient variety of segments for travelers. In this country, there are also quite budget options for accommodation and organization of transport logistics. Much attention is paid to the security issues of all people in the country regardless of their status.

      • Organized virtual communication and monitoring over the planned program observance. If something isn’t by the plan or some force majeure circumstances then the tour participants can always contact the parent organization in any convenient way. The tour program must be adjusted depending on the prevailing circumstances if it’s needed.

      • This approach encourages employee motivation for achieving effective results. Some corporations initially arrange a strategy in such a way as sending the most motivated and expected employees to business tours taking into account the psychological characteristics of users.

      The infrastructure meaning in  business tours organizing

      Many things also depend on the infrastructure quality in a particular country. Mostly, such a stay abroad is associated with the need to move around all the time and be mobile. Often, even within one day you have to attend many events, presentations, symposia, formal and informal meetings. And also, it is necessary to organize the rest. Logistic business tours are a new business direction that allows you to gain full experience in a specific area or related sectors.

      Countries being the most attractive for visiting primarily benefit from such events. It is the development of infrastructure, decent level of service, security monitoring that significantly increases the companies’ owners’ interest. On the contrary, countries with developing infrastructure are not in the companies’ owners’ top interests yet.

      Innovative organization technologies of business tours

      It is worth a separate mention of information technology. A logistics business tour is a serious area of activity. Modern Internet technologies will easily solve numerous current and working issues. For example, booking tickets directly through airlines often means significant discounts on such group trips. Besides:

      • Users are increasingly using virtual technologies to choose a suitable place or to stay and book a hotel. In addition, the opportunity to take a virtual tour, assess the location, safety, other essential conditions will be helpful in this issue.

      • Modern technologies also allow you to record what is happening: for example, information from forums, presentations, conferences, other speeches. In the future, this becomes invaluable material for further research and awareness of other employees. Thus, it will be possible to visually assess what is happening in a virtual format, to attend the event for everyone and not only for those who were directly present at the event.

      • Practice shows that due to such wide opportunities it will be possible to expand the base of clients, partners and attract investors into personal business activities.

      The business tour is today’s innovation 

      Today it is not a unique or new kind of tourism. On the contrary, many consider this format to be very expected and convenient. In addition, it will be possible to pre-plan everything, develop an attendance program and analyze the most interesting aspects in a more detailed way. Israel, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, the countries of Southeast Asia are some of the most popular destinations. So, China also seems to be an expected country supplying products and goods to almost all the world’s countries.

      If you want to organize everything with maximum comfort and save yourself against unforeseen expenses then you need to contact experienced experts organizing various kinds of events. Today there are already existing companies organizing business tours. If you look at the reviews of the participants then in the overwhelming majority of cases such tours seem useful and promising to them. How effective they will depend largely on the personal characteristics of the participants and their motivation but not only on organizational issues.

      Sometimes among the assessments and reviews, opinions are saying that it was the business tour that allowed company owners to take a fresh look at their business and assess it from another perspective. It also helps to search for new ideas, expand horizons, make something new, often very original attempts to reach a new business level. To understand how teaching and informative logistics tours are it is worth referring to reviews on independent resources as well as on specialized logistics and other forums where these issues are actively discussed.


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