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      About us

      About us

      We always were and will be the first!

      Kyiv Logistics School (KLS) is the first in Ukraine Business School established to develop highly qualified specialists and executives in the area of logistics and supply chain management, as well as provide a reliable partnership in logistics consulting and operational audit and international expertise.

      KLS is both a platform for networking, the exchange of knowledge, technologies and tools, and a laboratory for testing innovative solutions in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

      KLS is the unique partner in Ukraine of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP, headquartered in Chicago, USA), the global association, which since 1963 has been providing the development of a global community in the area of logistics and supply chain management.

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      Kyiv Logistics School (KLS) was officially opened on October 12 being supported by dozens of representatives among academic and business logistics and supply chain management community. On October 22, the activities of the first business school in logistics began with the start of the first Basic Course - the unique project-oriented advanced training course in logistics. The first visits to the leading warehouse hub, Boryspil airport, were provided to the first students. In December the first group of Basic Course graduates successfully presented their practical and innovative projects in order to bring the operational efficiency and new business strategies for the startups and mature businesses in logistics.


      The activities of KLS were expanded with master classes and supply chain area of expertise. In July, the strategic start of cooperation in the direction of international certification for the Ukrainian executives and specialists in the field of logistics took place in partnership with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals ( In August, KLS became the official member of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP). In December, the first consulting project for one of the leading distribution companies in Ukraine was completed together with the development of corporate training programs and the visits to the port of Odessa and leading logistics centers.


      There was an active development of educational and consulting projects, the number of courses’ graduates and international certificates was dynamically growing. The portfolio of experts of Kyiv Logistics School has reached more than 60. They are best practitioners and executives in logistics and supply chain management. In May, there was the first overseas trip: a logistics business tour to Chicago. It started the future business tourism branch development in KLS. In July, the first Logistics Summer Camp took place, and in December, the unification of the logistics community continued at the international level during the Logistics Winter Camp. Kyiv Logistics School was getting the leading logistics expertise and networking platform in the market, and leading companies have started looking for employee references from among KLS’s graduates.


      It is the year of the launch of intensive and inspirational logistic business tours to Istanbul, Hamburg and Rotterdam for the Forum for carriers and forwarders. A number of complex consulting projects have been carried out. KLS participated in the conference devoted to cooperation between Ukraine and Poland and the further business survey on the opportunities of Poland for KLS was completed. The professional webinars on various hot logistics and SCM topics were provided to the market. Investment companies and representatives of international associations - APICS, CSCMP joined the community of Kyiv Logistics School at Logistics Summer and Logistics Winter Camps transforming these events into the international conferences with a significant number of guests from around the world.


      Kyiv Logistics School is actively developing the online format of educational programs and events and organizes logistics tours to key seaports and advanced distribution hubs in Ukraine. Most of the consulting projects relate to deep transformational processes of Ukrainian distribution and the whole supply chains. The qualitative increase in international certification activity reflects the continuous improvement in local SC expertise. The launch of the Course on Fundamentals for beginners in logistics took place. Together with the Basic Course, it creates an effective training and development & educational matrix system supported by mentoring and collaboration between business, SC experts and graduates.

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