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      Kyiv Logistics School

      Leader of training specialists and
      managers in the field of logistics

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      We always were and will be the first Kyiv Logistics School (KLS) is the first Business School established in Ukraine to develop highly qualified specialists and executives in the area of logistics and supply chain management, as well as provide a reliable partnership in logistics consulting and operational audit and international expertise. KLS is both a platform for networking, the exchange of knowledge, technologies and tools, and a laboratory for testing innovative solutions in the field of logistics and supply chain management. KLS is the unique / the only partner in Ukraine of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP, headquartered in Chicago, USA), global association which since 1963 has been providing the development of a global community in the area of logistics and supply chain management.

      500+ market leaders and companies are actively developing business with Kyiv Logistics School:

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        Audit and Consulting

        Operating audit from KLS is unbiased analysis of the current state of the entire company’s supply chain, including:

        1. Analysis of relationships with suppliers and clients, customer service management
        2. Demand and inventory management
        3. Management of warehouse and transport firms
        4. Manufacturing planning and management
        5. Infrastructure efficiency of manufacture, including information systems
        6. Audit of competencies and effectiveness of operating personnel

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          Recommend letters

          Svіtlana Pyliuhina

          FEA Manager

          The speaker is a professional, she explained very clearly with practical examples, and involved the participants in the discussion, that is, it is a practical lesson, not a dry webinar. In my work I have already applied what I learned (the correctness of the terms of Incoterms of FEA contracts). Among the strengths of the webinar were clarity, additional attention to risk allocation and understanding of how it is possible, to fix the favorable conditions for the company in the contract using incoterms. Thank you, the webinar brought real benefits.

          Webinar “FEA Logistics, Incoterms 2020 rules” 28-29.05.20

          Liubov Levchenko

          TDC- Dalnoboi

          Hello! I want to thank you! I am very pleased with the training and glad to have found you. The school gave me confidence and understanding that I will cope and I can do everything! Great speakers and our contractors! I will advise everyone to study with you! I hope that we will see each other more than once, and I will say thank you personally!

          The 8th stream of the Basic course

          Our professors

          Vira Dobachevska

          President of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals in Ukraine. Head and founder of Kyiv Logistics School

          Victor Baranovskyi

          Expert in the field of “Warehouse Logistics”. Director of the company “Lohistychna maysternya”

          Kseniya Valieva

          Trainer and business consultant, coach of top managers, project manager

          Bruno Stefanutti

          Bruno STEFANUTTI is the founder, CEO of Consept counsulting and training company in Padua(Italy) and he is the association’s international partner of APICS since 2014. …

          Ilana Bistritsky

          An international expert in Supply Chain Management and Development, Management of Change, Operation, and Processing of materials. APICS – CPIM instructor.

          Denys Moroz

          Practicing expert, member of the supervisory boards of several large Ukrainian companies

          Zoya Chechulina

          Expert in business transformation, strategic procurement, risk management and compliance with 20 years of experience at Kraft Foods / Mondelez International

          Dmytro Kozlov

          Executive Director of the Association of HRForum Personnel Management Specialists

          Margarita Romanova

          Director of Distribution and Operations GlaxoSmithKline

          Roman Suk

          Practitioner, Chief Operating Officer of PJSC Concern Khlibprom. Head of the Production Logistics Committee at CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable

          Stepan Kobzev

          Associated APICS instructor. Logistics Director of MIRS Corporation


          What is the difference between KLS courses and other courses and seminars?

          For any training events Kyiv Logistics School invites only the best expert-practitioners with international and leading national expertise for 15 years. We work not only with business, but also with leading international associations such as CSCMP and APICS, and also with representatives of academic logistics in Europe and the United States, which means that all training materials, content and business cases presented for study and best practices are maximally relevant and reflect future trends and international standards, not just the experience of previous years and Ukrainian specifics. The second key difference is that the project and case method methodology is used during the training. All information is presented on the example of real companies and projects, in addition there is always the opportunity to implement the necessary changes and innovations with experts and mentors of Kyiv Logistics School. Regarding corporate training, Kyiv Logistics School uses individual approaches and creates unique products for teams and companies. That is, there is always the opportunity to pick up any of the announced trainings / any of the announced training courses or leave a request for corporate training and we will create it for you!

          Is there any possibility to get a discount on education program?

          Yes, we offer discounts for early bookings and for several participants from one company and for Basic Course graduates. You can learn more about discounts from our managers.

          How to make a payment?

          Register for the event on the page of the appropriate/necessary/chosen event and our manager will contact you for all payment details.

          Do you issue certificates and diplomas?

          Yes, we issue certificates and diplomas to all participants of our courses and master classes. Such certificates or their duplicates for your participation in Logistics Camp, Forum and webinars are made on individual requests that can be left to our managers. CSCMP Pro International Certificates are digitally generated and can be tracked and validated upon request.

          Where will the event I plan to participate in take place?

          All information on the location is on the event page (bottom of the page). Also, at least in a day you will receive an invitation by mail with all the details about the time and location of the event.

          How can I get a certificate of services rendered?

          We have 3 options for obtaining acts: 1. At the event 2. By Ukrposhta according to the data you leave to the manager 3. Electronic version in MEDOC

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          Results of the first quarter in the world and Ukrainian logistics?

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            Kyiv Logistics School is a dedicated expert in the world of supply chain management

            The logistics school is a platform for networking, exchange of knowledge and experience, professional consulting, international expertise, educational flows, testing, and assistance in implementing new business solutions.

            The KLS team helps companies debug existing business processes, improve employee competence, reduce enterprise costs, and raise operational efficiency and customer service.

            Services of the Kyiv Logistics School

            • Corporate education and training
            • Project-oriented courses and training programs
            • Unique consulting and audit services for logistics and supply chains
            • Workshops and masterclasses, webinars, and online training
            • International certification according to the standards of the CSCMP association
            • Logistic business tours
            • Logistics forums and conferences
            • Unique logistic off-site business camp
            • English courses for logisticians
            • Help with the selection of candidates

            Professionalism and experience of experts of the logistics school

            The experience of the Kyiv School of Logistics knows no boundaries because we are cooperating with the best Ukrainian and international experts-practitioners of various industries, representatives of the associations APICS (The Association for Operations Management), CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, which since 1963 has been providing the development of a global community in the field of logistics and supply chain management), ARU (Association “Rivers of Ukraine”), SUP (Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs) and accredited experts from EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).

            KLS implements projects of any degree of complexity and purpose because the number of highly qualified specialists has long crossed the mark of 150 people, with an average experience of working in leading management positions – more than ten years.

            KLS experts have worked on projects around the world:

            on the African continent, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

            Vera Dobachevskaya – Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Kyiv Logistics School, President of CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable, certified Scrum Master and Korn Ferry 360 personnel assessment expert, personal coach for managers and business owners. She founded the School of Logistics in 2016 to create a new logistics unit of society – a place where everyone can get answers to qualifying questions, find new partners, associates and enlist support in the implementation of projects.

            Dmytro Dvornichenko is a Chief Operating Officer of Kyiv Logistics School, an independent expert in warehouse and distribution logistics, a specialist in optimizing operational processes. He has extensive experience in ensuring the smooth operation of distribution centers, taking measures to optimize costs, optimal housekeeping, organizing efficient work of personnel, and organizing logistics services for external clients.

            The best experts in the logistics industry are the teachers of the Kyiv Logistics School

            The teachers of the School of Logistics are real professionals in their field, certified specialists with many international certificates (Project Management Professional, Strategic Business Management by SIDA, IRCA Lead Auditor, SCPro by CSCMP, APICS, Lean & Six Sigma foundations, 5S methodology, INCO by ACC Academy, Collaborative Planning and New Product Forecasting, CIPS Strategic sourcing, Leadership and Change Management program and many others). And they confirm their high level of knowledge and providing the right to conduct educational activities.

            Among the teachers of the logistics school, there are practical experts with many years of experience and business coaches of top management of leading companies – people who know how to build a successful business correctly.

            Have you understood for a long time that there are growth zones in the company but do not understand how to tighten them properly? Do you know that you can get several times more profit by optimizing an enterprise’s business processes? Or is it necessary to regularly improve employees’ level of knowledge because the market develops every day and never stands still?

            The Kyiv Logistics School was created to solve all these problems. A team of professionals will help bring your company to a new income level and save you from time-consuming processes and additional costs. After completing specialized training at KLS, employees’ competencies allow them to independently monitor the development zones of the company, quickly respond to changes in the external environment of the market and find correct solutions to critical problems.

            Profile training and professional development at the Kyiv Logistics School

            KLS courses are created for different levels of immersion in the material, degree of complexity, and content, for example, business owners, company managers, department heads, and middle managers.

            There is also an opportunity to develop a corporate course, training program, or training individually for your company’s needs.

            Perhaps you have long wanted to create the best supply chain management team in Ukraine? Or improve purchasing knowledge to reduce direct costs?

            Our team is always happy to help you create strong specialists!

            At the moment, the Kyiv School of Logistics regularly (twice a year) conducts Essential and Preparatory courses, as well as trainings and courses on effective inventory management (for beginners and advanced), procurement, planning and forecasting demand, warehouse logistics, and international transport (auto, sea, air and railway).


            Essential course

            The only project-oriented training course in Ukraine in the field of logistics and supply chain management. The approach allows you to solve your company’s problems during your studies and improve your qualifications based on international standards for managing logistics processes.

            Program structure:

            • Work throughout the training on your own logistics business project
            • Consultations and individual coaching with experts and teachers of the Kyiv School of Logistics
            • Solution (with a focus on project management) of the business problems of the Course participants
            • Logistic tours to warehouse complexes, to the seaport (TIS), and the airport (Boryspil)
            • 9 modules (2 months of study) on Saturdays
            • Protection of an individual business project

            The course is perfect for:

            • Business owners
            • Managers (executive and operational directors)
            • Heads of departments and departments: logistics, procurement, planning, inventory management, and warehousing
            • Business coaches of corporate universities of large corporations

            Preparatory Course

            A unique course for beginners in logistics and supply chain management.

            Program structure:

            • Online lectures
            • Self-study material
            • Practical work
            • 8 weeks – 8 different training areas of logistics and supply chain
            • Testing in each direction
            • Fast start to professional development!

            Such a training course would be ideal for:

            • Acquisition of practical and theoretical knowledge remotely (online)
            • Growth and development in logistics, finding a mentor and internship programs, as well as 3-5 year students
            • Beginners (with work experience up to 1 year) in the field of logistics, demand planning, inventory management, and manufacturing operations
            • Teachers of educational institutions

            Trainings of Kyiv Logistics School

            Effective Inventory Management Training is a two-tier training program designed for beginners and professionals with experience in logistics and inventory management.

            During the training, participants will gain a systematic understanding of the topic, starting with the concept of what stocks are, how to replenish them, get acquainted with the tools for controlling the level of reserves, learn how to calculate turnover, why to calculate indicators of the effectiveness of inventory management, systematize existing knowledge and experience, discuss working issues and difficulties, will receive advice on current processes and practical tools.


            Purchasing training is perfect for both beginners in logistics and experienced professionals. Refreshes knowledge, allows you to expand the level of competence in the negotiation industry, establish the right relationships with suppliers and partners, reduce costs and increase the enterprise’s profitability.


            Demand planning and forecasting training is a working tool for different departments of the company. The training is helpful for the planning, purchasing, production, inventory, sales department, and business analysts and company managers.

            During the training, participants receive extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in planning and demand forecasting, which you can immediately apply in projection to their own companies.

            The purpose of the training is to build practical tools adapted for your business’s specific features

            Warehouse logistics training focuses on streamlining operations and automating existing business processes. Participants study the formats for storing and organizing goods, storage groups, the concept of order picking and its different types, planning the topology of storage areas, warehouse management systems and vectors, analysis, and reengineering tools, methods for optimizing control operations, and order shipment.

            During the training, participants visit large warehouse complexes of leading Ukrainian companies and visually disassemble practical information systems that help facilitate warehouse activities.

            The training will be helpful for operating directors, logistics directors, warehouse managers, warehouse logistics directors, heads of the logistics development department, specialists in the automation of warehouse processes.

            International transport training

            During two days of training, four expert practitioners will share their knowledge and many years of experience in the industries of auto, sea, air, and rail transportation.

            Participants will learn about the current state of the market, the pitfalls that are often encountered, study trends in the development of transportation around the world, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, features, and exceptional features for each direction of transport.

            The training will be especially relevant for logisticians of transport and forwarding companies and managers for foreign economic activity.

            Graduates of KLS educational programs are the most demanded specialists in the market

            Every day, our graduates contribute to the activities of their companies, solve complex business problems, and manage projects to optimize the enterprise’s business processes.

            According to statistics, the income level of KLS graduates during the year grows by 15-45%, and within 1.5-2 years, specialists are guaranteed to receive a career advancement. This fact is because the company is developing thanks to the acquired new knowledge of their specialists.

            After completing any training from KLS, graduates receive certificates that are highly appreciated in the labor market of Ukraine because The School of Logistics has long gained its credibility as the best education provider in the logistics industry.

            Information and positive feedback about the logistics school distribute every day. We are recommended by market leaders, such as METINVEST, Fozzy Group, Silpo Food, Auchan, EVA, Hello, Epicenter, ATB, PROSTOR, TerraFood, Milk Alliance, Ferrero Ukraine, Kernel, Procter & Gamble Ukraine, MAY-Ukraine Company, Robert Bosch LTD, STV Group, Meest Express, Zammler, Gefco, Denka Logistics, EKOL Logistics, KAPELOU, PWC, UBI, and many others.

            Also, information about the school of logistics is widely covered in the media, printed publications of the logistics profile, and KLS info-partners.

            Consulting and audit of enterprises from the School of Logistics – a guaranteed result

            Cooperation with the Kyiv Logistics School is the way to develop your business. Our team will help form a list of steps that will contribute to the achievement of the goals and plans of your company.

            Vivid examples of results from consulting projects:

            • Project in the direction of warehouse activities of one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of building materials.

            Result: an increase in the efficiency of warehouse activities by 60%.

            • A project to improve the regional division’s operational efficiency of the distribution market leader.

            Result: a 40% reduction in wage bill costs.

            • A project to improve the operational efficiency of a regional dairy producer.

            Result: an increase in the level of customer service by 7%, up to 98%.

            • Project in the direction of warehouse activities of one of the leading manufacturers of wallpaper coverings.

            Result: a 19% reduction in operating costs.

            A simple statistical data analytics system

            The School of Logistics provides the fastest processing of the statistical data of the Customer’s company, using standard data request templates that are adaptable to any specifics of the work of the logistics unit.

            If the Customer’s company fails to upload data to the required template, the data is restructured from the company’s system (for example, 1C). Due to this, the enterprise at the exit receives complete adaptation for further analysis, accounting, and statistics, which can easily integrate into their information systems.

            Services and a high degree of customer focus of the Kyiv Logistics School in consulting projects

            Direct audit of business processes is carried out at the required logistics hub. The result of field meetings on the Customer’s territory is a detailed map diagram of business processes indicating all timings, areas of responsibility of business units, and types of incoming and outgoing flows. One of the main benefits that the Customer receives is a preliminary conclusion, in which assumptions about possible growth zones are voiced, some of which will be further proven or refuted based on the analysis of statistical information. Others can be implemented immediately and bring a positive economic effect already before writing a final report.

            The most important thing that distinguishes the School of Logistics consulting from any other is operational indicators and metrics. This set of metrics is formed and adapted to the individual requirements and specifics of the work of the Customer’s company. Thanks to this code, the company receives an accurate assessment of its economic activities compared with similar players on the market. In the future, it can use them to control its logistics activities.

            Analysis of actual indicators and comparison with planned ones is a rather delicate process because, on the correctness of the assessment of actual results and the correctness of building a strategy for achieving intended results, the success of achieving an economic effect depends. That is why the School of Logistics uses two approaches:

            1. The most reliable is to conduct experiments with the implementation of recommendations at the logistics hub. It also allows you to audit optimized business processes and, if necessary, take immediate corrective actions.
            2. If it is impossible to conduct experiments, this is a dynamic simulation of optimized processes and resources formed based on a preliminary analysis of the logistics node. The details of the work logic are discussed at strategic sessions with the Customer.

            Consulting projects results

            For the successful assimilation of information, analytical data is converted into interactive infographics and dashboards that allow you to get acquainted with all the innovations and adjust each element of optimization.

            Based on the results of the work done, a report is formed, which describes in detail each step taken, optimization instructions with the expected result. The report integrates all the necessary analytical data: tables, diagrams, infographics, a set of operational indicators for further analysis, and the desired economic effect after implementing the project.

            We held a presentation after which the Customer will not have any questions, uncertainties, and doubts but will have a detailed, clear, accurate, the specified time frame and, often, a simple action plan to optimize and improve the efficiency of the logistics link or the entire supply chain.

            Take the first step towards change and rapid growth!

            Leave a request in the feedback form, and we will contact you!

            You can find detailed information about the experience of the logistics school in consulting projects in the “Consulting and Audit” section.

            Profile business conferences from the Kyiv Logistics School

            The Logistics School has extensive experience in organizing and holding events and conferences regularly, dedicated to logistics and supply chain management:

            • Logistics Summer and Winter Camp – a real business camp for professionals.

            That is a place where managers, heads of departments, directors, and business owners get the opportunity to go beyond their current experience and try new tools for doing business in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

            Participants attend various trainings in parallel streams on the most relevant topics and actively participate in master classes, business games, and simulations. On the first day of the conference, we invite everyone to join an exciting intellectual and sports quest and a bright gala party in honor of the event’s opening.

            For two days, participants acquire new knowledge from more than 30 different speakers – Ukrainian and international expert practitioners worldwide

            Logistics Camps is a world of networking, searching for new acquaintances and partners, discussion panels, discussions of the hottest issues, pumping the level of competence of employees, and a massive stimulus for the development of your business!

            • All-Ukrainian Forum of Carriers and Forwarders – focus only on the needs of road carriers, search for additional tools for cooperation with market operators, creation of prerequisites for fair competition. This is an event where speakers and moderators consider and help solve urgent business problems, where there is an opportunity to hear each participant in the road transport market!
            • Logistic Online Forum – a unique format with live excursions and live broadcasts of the most exciting logistics facilities! Training lectures, Q&A sessions with key market players, the opportunity to announce your company and find new business solutions. And all this in a convenient and safe online format for everyone.

            Partnership forums jointly with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, dedicated to logistics, warehouse industry, production, industrial hubs, and innovative innovations. KLS specialists understand that the dialogue between the government and real business is essential for implementing government reforms because only companies can declare honestly and openly about their needs.

            • HR-Brunch is a modern type of online event that we regularly held for a closed club of HR directors in Kyiv and Ukraine, to demonstrate current trends in personnel management in the Ukrainian market, present new educational programs, and introduce the best specialists of the HR industry to exchange helpful knowledge and experience. International experts gladly attend such events because they talk about real onboarding cases, the characteristics of different categories of employees, help determine the best types of interaction within the team, and answer all the pressing questions of our guests.

            Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

            The Kyiv School of Logistics brings together exciting and valuable projects for the society around itself and good deeds.

            The logistics school is actively involved in charitable activities – regularly, it helps orphanages, arranges auctions for children’s paintings and drawings, transfers the proceeds to purchase the most necessary goods.

            KLS cares about the environment:

            • After all conferences, the remnants of promotional booklets and brochures, banners, and brand walls are recycled
            • The team sorts the garbage in the office and does not use disposable tableware, plant trees, and adheres to the principles of conscious consumption
            • Managers systematically push clients and partners to switch to full electronic document flow between enterprises

            KLS supports government initiatives:

            • The team conducts free educational webinars for the Kyiv City Employment Center in logistics and supply chain management, helps unemployed professionals to improve their level of competence and skills in accordance with modern market requirements.
            • The School of Logistics provides information and organizational support in conducting webinars, online forums, and round tables for the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

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