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Kyiv Logistics
School (KLS)

is the first Ukrainian Business School in the field of logistics and supply chain management, created to train highly qualified specialists and managers.

Kyiv Logistics School

is a popular Business School that was opened in Ukraine in the field of logistics, management and supply of various products. The mission, goal and objectives of the Kyiv School of Logistics are to provide the necessary knowledge to specialists to improve their skills and to train future managers. In addition, KLS is among the most successful and promising
partners, providing its own consulting services in the field of logistics, operational audit and international expertise.
If we consider the activities of the institution in a complex with all the nuances, it can be noted that this is a unique
basis for networking.


is considered the basis for:

exchange of knowledge and experience

new modern and long-known standard technologies

tools that will be useful in the future work of professionals

More information about the School

Kyiv Logistics School is considered the only experienced Ukrainian partner of the popular CSCMP association. This is the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, headquartered in the United States. This association has been operating since 1963. Information about the School of Logistics is available on the official website, where each user can get acquainted with the beginning of its activities, which falls on 2016. The main values of the institution are:

Since 2020, Kyiv School of Logistics has been actively developing convenient and practical teaching methods, namely online learning. Thanks to organized business tours to all cities of Ukraine and Israel, we manage to introduce our own consulting projects to the public. All projects were created to transform logistics and distribution in Ukraine.

Activities of Kyiv Logistics School

The School of Logistics teachers pay special attention to various master classes. For this purpose, they regularly organize visits to warehouses and airports. Thanks to our own experience, we are able to work on improving our policy every time, and come up with new and relevant projects, which leads to the following:

Kyiv School of Logistics is actively developing in the field of international transportation and continues to work on creating a unique concept of individual warehousing, taking into account all the features of a particular enterprise. At the same time, the School is developing and promoting current consulting projects. The information about the School of Logistics on the website confirms the fact that in 2018 KLS is reaching a whole new level and becoming a leading platform for networking and logistics expertise.

Gradual development of
the School of Logistics

Every year, the experience of the Logistics School increases, which allows managers to discover new levels, helping to improve the skills of specialists in this field.


The start of the activity is scheduled for October 12, and already on October 22, the Basic Course was launched – the School of Logistics launched a project-oriented course in the field of logistics for all professionals who want to improve their skills.


They emphasize strategic cooperation in the field of international certification between managers and logistics specialists in Ukraine. At the end of the summer, the School becomes an official member of SUP, the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs.


A unique business tour to Chicago was organized. The Logistics Camp is launched in summer and winter.


Organizing its first forum, created specifically for transportation companies, for freight forwarders. In addition, the company actively organizes business tours: Istanbul, Rotterdam and Hamburg. Additionally, the managers are working on the development of complex consulting projects.


The organizers of the School of Logistics do their best to increase the number of international certificates that meet the highest levels. The portfolio of experts is more than 120 m

KLS offers audit and consulting

Logistics School services also include logistics consulting and operational audit. As a result, each customer receives a detailed list of the analyzed supply chain of a particular company, which is the result of the work of qualified and experienced professionals in their field.

Operational audit and logistics consulting from KLS is an unbiased analysis of the current state of the company’s entire supply chain, including:

The School's experience allows us to do so:

Aliz cooperation between suppliers and consumers, which also includes the management of all customer service.

Managing consumer demand and inventory.

Audit of the competence and efficiency of personnel in a particular company or organization.

Checking the efficiency of the infrastructure used in conjunction with information systems.

Aliz cooperation between suppliers and consumers, which also involves managing the entire customer service.

Managing consumer demand and inventory.

Audit of the competence and efficiency of personnel in a particular company or organization.

Checking the efficiency of the infrastructure used in conjunction with information systems.


Our team includes qualified and experienced teachers of the School of Logistics, who are the main experts in this field. The head and founder of this institution is Vira Dobachevska, who is also the President of the Council of Professionals in the Management of Supply Chain Management in Ukraine.

Vira Dobachevska

President of the government of the Council of Professionals

in Supply Chain Management

in Ukraine. Founder of KLS

Zoya Chechulina

Expert in the field of business

transformations, strategic

procurement, risk management

and complementarity with 20

years of experience

Ksenia Valieva

Trainer and business consultant, coach

Top managers, project


Lyudmila Popok

Expert in the field of planning

and inventory management

In addition, the team works together:

The organizers of the School of Logistics have set themselves the goal of assembling a team of exclusively competent, qualified professionals who are ready to share their expert opinion with everyone who participates in the training. Thus, our graduates have the opportunity to receive a lot of useful information that will be useful to them during their work.

Logistics school organizers: our team of specialists

The main mission, goals and objectives of Kyiv School of Logistics are aimed at creating an effective training and development course. In addition, our graduates and clients can count on further support and partnerships. During cooperation, training and after the completion of joint work, each participant will be able to keep in touch with our team of specialists:

In order to provide our clients and students with only high-quality, verified and up-to-date information, our team of specialists regularly takes an interest in all innovations in the field of logistics and sales. The organizers of the logistics school are constantly working on their own development to fully meet modern consumer demands.

Vira Dobachevska

KLS founder, Founder & CEO

Dmytro Dvornichenko

Operations Director of the institution

Veronika Popova


Alina Medvedchuk

sales managers

Evgeny Bogatyrev

project office analyst

Karina Halochka


What our graduates get

Our graduates receive a certificate of logistics training and diplomas confirming successful completion of the course. Such documents are available to all participants who were involved in the process of master classes or took part in advanced training courses.

In addition, at the individual request of participants, our School also offers the opportunity to make certificates or duplicates for them:

participants of the
Logistics Camp

participants in organized forums and webinars

You can ask for help from our managers, who, after clarifying some important nuances, will be able to offer original certificates and duplicates. As for the logistics training certificates of the international CSCMP Pro certification, such documents will be created in digital format. In the future, these certificates can successfully pass the tracking procedure and will be confirmed when fulfilling verification requests. Additionally, we provide our students with a nice bonus – a discount due to early booking, discounts for graduates of the Basic Course, as well as discounts for participants from the same company or organization.

Logistics training certificate:

Let’s look at the benefits of studying at Kyiv School of Logistics. First, you need to understand what exactly the student will be able to learn during this course:

With a systematic understanding of logistics as a science, our students and future graduates will be able to learn how to create a competitive infrastructure in modern business. All of this will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of balanced consumer demand for certain products, and even on the capabilities of a company, organization or enterprise in its work. The main confirmation of the training is the knowledge gained and the certificate of logistics training.

Features of the certification program

The certification program is useful for future professionals and those who want to gain invaluable experience in the field of logistics. As a result, the following can be achieved:

Obtain a high-quality baggage of necessary fundamental knowledge

We are actively searching for and implementing a training program, positioning a specific set of skills in management.

Confirm your professionalism

Through certification levels and professional development, participants will be able to confirm their competence.

Personal development, possible promotion at work

Participants will be able to personally realize the importance of the methods and technologies used, which has a positive impact on their career development.

Gain the necessary international experience and the opportunity to expand your business abroad

Students will be able to improve their English language skills. They will learn to understand the peculiarities of current international standards, understand how to organize and conduct business abroad in the future.

How the learning process is phased

The training structure can be divided into 4 main stages. Thus, students will not get confused and will be able to accurately

understand what they need to do to get the end result:


Online process

Preparing for the exam

Passing the exam

Registration and access to your personal account on the website. Preparing for the course: working with text materials and videos

It takes from 30 days and can last up to a year. Independent work with the provided set of materials (you can work in a convenient online mode)

Students study the necessary additional materials on their own and test their knowledge during tests.

The final step is to pass an exam at the KLS office and receive a certificate

course blocks

Given the international certification, there are 8 main blocks in total. Such a division is necessary so that each student can easily choose the most suitable course for their specialty and interests.

Supply chain management

The block is best for a spectacular start. It is suitable for those who need to understand how a certain function works in the supply chain and how they are interconnected by “chains”.

Customer service and orders

A general topic that applies to all supply chains. As a result of the training, students will be able to consider the main nuances of working with complex customers.

In addition, time is allocated to familiarize yourself with the term “reverse logistics”. In addition, practicing experts will address important legal aspects in their lectures, which are essential for the operation of enterprises.

Transportation services

This block deals with issues related to the rational and optimal ways of transporting various types of cargo. It is important to pay attention to the main functions of a particular transport in the general economy (Ukrainian and/or international).

Warehouse logistics

One of the main roles is played by distribution centers and branches.

You need to familiarize yourself with all the peculiarities of product handling: from receiving products, moving them, to picking and packing (preparing products for immediate shipment). You will learn all the principles of working with an official warehouse management system (WMS).

Manage consumer demand and supply of goods

During the training, students will be able to accurately understand and deal with forecasting: its advantages, necessity and mandatory application in practice.

As a result, they will learn how to plan production orders correctly, which is especially important for companies that process raw materials into finished products.

Inventory management

This block will address issues and challenges related to the competent management and future planning of inventory levels to meet consumer demands.

During the training, the most effective and really working methods of inventory management will be considered, and a close connection between the forecasting procedure and the real situation will be established.

Production operations

This block is considered to be one of the most important, as it directly affects all the features of resource management, as well as the subsequent procedure for transforming raw materials into finished products.

In addition, the teachers pay special attention to the existing Ukrainian and international requirements for personnel.

Procurement of goods and services

To understand how the process of placing orders for goods or services works, it is necessary to delve deeper into the supply and procurement management procedure.

We will consider technological innovations that are relevant in this area of activity.

Holding thematic interest meetings and forums

In addition to the study programs offered, the business school also holds special thematic meetings. You can always find out about a particular meeting on the official website of our institution, where the number of people who can attend the meeting, as well as the exact time and date of the meeting will be indicated in detail. In 2021, KLS has already held a thematic meeting, which was useful for HR professionals and HR directors.

Before holding a particular meeting, our experts always provide a list of all the topics that will be discussed at this meeting. Most of the organized forums were held online, so everyone from all over Ukraine could participate.

Holding these events is extremely useful and important, as the modern logistics industry is not standing still and is constantly being updated and improved. It is very important for professionals working in this field to always stay up to date with the latest events and changes, improving their skills. That is why our experts help all participants to stay in business trends and choose only proven and effective methods for their work.

Who is KLS for?

Kyiv Logistics School has specially designed and organized various training programs that will be convenient for everyone.

When deciding who is suitable for Kyiv Logistics School, you need to carefully read the services offered. For example, the course dedicated to logistics is intended for students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree, for employees in the field of logistics, as well as for those who are actively interested in logistics as a science of supply chain management of various products.

When asking who is suitable for Kyiv Logistics School, future participants will be able to get detailed advice from our managers, who will be happy to answer the most popular and frequently asked questions.

If you are actively interested in logistics, if your work is directly related to warehouse logistics, regular freight transportation, and product supply, then you have come to the right place. The experience of the Logistics School will help each of the participants to find useful and interesting information for their personal and professional development.

KLS experience

Paying attention to the advantages of studying at the School of Logistics, it is worth noting and highlighting the vast experience of the entire teaching staff.

Thanks to this, students will be able to count on obtaining comprehensive knowledge and up-to-date information in the field of logistics and management. Given the fact that Kyiv Logistics School has been the main partner of CSCMP since 2017, it is worth paying attention to the active development of the institution, which started its work only in 2016. Since then, all participants have been given the opportunity to pass the SCPro™ Fundamentals Certification exam.

In such a short period of time, KLS has managed to reach incredible heights. All the victories (small and big) of the institution leave a positive imprint on the further training of each new participant – a future graduate.

KLS mission, goals and objectives

When wondering why it is beneficial to study at Kyiv School of Logistics, it is necessary to study in more detail the main goals and objectives of such a business school. Teachers specially create an effective training course that is designed for professionals working in the field of logistics and management. The course is initially divided into several blocks so that all students have the opportunity to gradually familiarize themselves with the large amount of information provided:

The mission, goal and objectives of the Kyiv School of Logistics are to provide effective training to improve the skills of all employees of various companies and enterprises.

This is the only project-oriented course in Ukraine in this field of activity.

An important feature of the training is that all KLS experts are part-time practitioners, and therefore they successfully work in various international and national companies, they have vast expert experience and significant work cases. Our experts have already managed to implement dozens of different projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Why it is beneficial to study at KLS

Kyiv Logistics School is a popular business school that offers logistics and management services to everyone. The main goal is to train and graduate highly qualified specialists who can become serious competitors for other Ukrainian and international professionals in this field. It is quite easy to understand why it is beneficial to study at Kyiv School of Logistics. After all, the institution provides its students with a full range of various training services. As a result, each student can count on:

Solving various business problems of varying degrees of complexity on the examples of specific companies and firms

Special training programs created by our best practitioners

Training in a convenient online mode

Further partnerships with international companies

When applying to a business school for future development, each student should know what benefits they will receive from studying at the School of Logistics. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself in detail with the proposed benefits that will be highly appreciated by each of the participants:

KLS maintains active cooperation with the business sector, as well as with leading international associations, including CSCMP and APICS. In addition, we cooperate with representatives of academic logistics in the United States and Europe.

As a result, we are able to use only proven training materials, business cases and relevant content that best reflect all future trends in the field of logistics, referring to international standards. Thus, our experts take into account not only past experience or Ukrainian trends.

All training events are conducted by highly qualified and experienced practitioners who have successfully worked in Ukraine and abroad.

In the process of teaching students, our teachers use the project and case study methodology.

This is because all the information offered is based on the example of existing enterprises and projects.

Together with practitioners, students review current projects and select and offer various innovative solutions as effective additions.

For any of the training events Kyiv Logistics School invites only the best practitioners with international and leading national expertise of 15 years or more. We cooperate not only with business, but also with leading international associations such as CSCMP and APICS, as well as representatives of academic logistics in Europe and the United States, which means that all training materials, content and business cases presented for study and as best practices are as relevant as possible and reflect future trends and international standards, not just past experience and Ukrainian specifics.

Другою ключовою відмінністю є те, що під час навчання застосовується методологія проектного та кейсового методу. Вся інформація представляється на прикладі саме реальних компаній та проектів, додатково завжди є можливість впровадити необхідні зміни та інновації разом з експертами та менторами Київської Логістичної Школи.

Щодо корпоративного навчання, Київська Логістична Школа підходить індивідуально, та створює унікальні продукти для команд і компаній. Тобто завжди є можливість підібрати будь-яке з анонсованих навчань чи залишити запит на корпоративне навчання і ми створимо його для Вас!

Yes, we offer discounts for early bookings, for several participants from the same company, and for graduates of the Basic Course. Our managers can tell you more about discounts.

Register for the chosen event on the page of this particular event and our manager will contact you regarding payment details.

All information about the location can be found on the page of a specific event (at the bottom of the page). You will also receive an invitation with all the details about the time and location in your mail at least a day in advance.

All information about the location can be found on the page of a specific event (at the bottom of the page). You will also receive an invitation with all the details about the time and location in your mail at least a day in advance.

We have 3 options for obtaining certificates:
1. At the event itself

2. By mail according to the data you leave to the manager

3. Electronic version in MEDOC

As for the specifics of corporate training, the business school offers an exclusively individualized approach. After all, this is the only way to create and invent original products that will be truly useful for companies and enterprises. As a result, each student has the opportunity to choose any of the proposed training programs for themselves. Those who wish to enroll in corporate training can leave their own request on the Kyiv Logistics School website and a future program will be created specifically for you and your requirements. In order to personally understand and appreciate the benefits of studying at the School of Logistics, you need to take a course. After all, each student will have a sufficient number of individual, special advantages that will be important in their future work.

500+ market leaders and companies that are actively developing their business cooperate with Kyiv Logistics School

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