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      Kyiv Logistics School is the only provider of educational services in Ukraine that gives the ability of comprehensive training sessions to specialists in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

      Logistics School regularly conducts logistics training sessions for improving the experts’ qualifications of different departments: effective stockpile management, procurement, basic logistics training sessions, seminars for logistics managers.

      In addition to regular logistics masterclasses experts of Kyiv Logistics School conduct daily corporate training sessions for leading Ukrainian companies – manufacture market leaders, retail, distribution, transportation providers, expeditions.


      Professional trainers and coaches carefully assess staff to identify important and relevant topics for students to follow. The wishes of the business managers and owners regarding educational programs are necessarily taken into account.

      At the first phase of negotiations, experts fix the tasks and purposes that training participants must achieve by attending training sessions and benefits and indicators the company should receive as a result.


      In cooperation with mentors, participants in logistics masterclasses participate in a training program, implement their own complex projects, get to a new profitability level for the company.

      Having been established, Kyiv Logistics School began teaching activity on logistics courses as well as to be considered a corporate university since it organizes not only logistics training but also conducts training sessions and masterclasses for soft skills development.

      Who needs to attend logistics masterclasses and logistics courses

      Logistics is an area of continuous development, technical and governmental innovations. Logisticians are constantly training and monitoring profile news.


      Kyiv Logistics School is a platform for experience exchange, knowledge and business strategies. Regular logistics training sessions and masterclasses are devoted to the most important issues that are on the agenda of most companies.


      Experts by Logistics School teach on logistics training sessions for transportation, expedition, manufacturing, retail and distribution companies. Among the training participants, there are middle managers and top companies’ management, separate courses are launched for beginners and students.

      Logistics courses will be useful for the development of any business as they help to get the most useful and relevant knowledge from the industry in a short period which allows companies not to learn on their own failure, invest huge financial and time resources, make sufficient mistakes but to adopt and use the experience of shop colleagues.

      Training sessions, masterclasses, logistics courses help to quickly rebuild and optimize weak business processes by consulting with the best experts-practitioners of Logistics School. Trainers publicly share knowledge and influence the work organization quality within the companies participating in logistics training sessions.

      The result of logistics masterclasses 


      Practical skills in the logistics industry are the most important factor in choosing an expert in the Ukrainian market but unfortunately, employers and experts turn a blind eye to the most important basis of the foundations – a theoretical concept.


      Fundamental theoretical training of experts helps to see the holistic picture of the supply chain, to clearly identify dismissions, prevent the emergence of problem areas. All these simple actions save approximately 15% of the company’s net profit annually because the company ceases to incur losses on dozens of costs that can be formed over the years on the basis of existing shortcomings.


      Such skills are possessed by highly professional managers who have attended dozens of advanced training sessions, are constantly improving their qualifications, investing time and resources in theoretical education. It is important to have appropriate practical skills which are got on the basis of high-quality theoretical knowledge. After all, practical skills may be got by self-taught which is not bad at the first phase of career establishment but it does not always allow running the business correctly in the modern realities of rapid adaptation and market instability already at the level of middle and top management.

      Therefore, Logistics School carefully approaches the preparation of lecture and theoretical materials because our main task is to help prepare real experts inside the company who will understand all business specificities and be able to adapt the knowledge gained in practice.

      Strategy and tactics of the logistics system at logistics masterclasses  

      A logistics system is an important component of running any company. An integrated approach to supply chain management allows the company to adhere to a sustainable development strategy.

      The main strategy of Logistics School during its educational programs is to help partner companies build a sustainable supply chain because this is a significant basis for almost any business in Ukraine.

      The supply chain is not just about delivering the goods to the customer’s door but also purchasing raw materials, manufacturing products, storing them in warehouses, sorting and picking during order preparation, and must also bring them to the client on time. These processes are managed by different departments but it is important to realize that they must work all as a whole to maintain a high level of customer service and maintain a leading position among market rivals.

      Logistics training sessions and courses help companies get a new level of income because due to the gained knowledge and experience in logistics courses experts increase the operational efficiency and personal working productivity, reduce spendings and unprofitable operations.

      Logistics efficiency assessment at logistics training sessions

      Experts of Logistics School before the beginning of logistics training session give the training participants a task of the company’s logistics efficiency assessment by key indicators, indices and criteria which allow them to understand the level of the supply chain debugging and highlight the main topics that are important to talk about during the training session.

      In the classroom, logistics training participants share with trainers their status in terms of performance indicators and also discuss purposes and objectives for their optimization or keeping them at a high level that can actually be achieved after attending logistics courses.

      Kyiv Logistics School is the only educational platform in Ukraine where the logistics training participants are getting highly qualified specialists who are able to independently assess the effectiveness of their company, identify weaknesses and development issues.

      These skills help companies to control their functioning and respond in time to their fluctuations which positively affect the economic component of any business, helps to maintain leadership market positions and be confident in the future.

      Also, internal audit of business processes helps to reduce the frequency of external audits because maintaining and monitoring stable indicators is a factor of a high operational efficiency level.

      Why is it important to assess the logistics effectiveness? Companies where one of the key indicators of customer service is the delivery of goods are better able to control all links of the supply chain. In order to do this during the courses participants form their own individual set of indicators according to the specifics of the business, for each division of the company where norms and deviations are clearly recorded.

      influence the work organization quality within the companies participating in logistics training sessions.

      Logistics training of warehouse management, its content and methods at logistics training sessions 

      Organizing warehouse storage is not an easy task especially if we talk about storing thousands of SKU items in small areas.

      At the courses by Kyiv Logistics School leading Ukrainian and international experts in the warehouse industry share their experience with logistics courses participants, discuss the most important and relevant topics in this industry.

      Introductory lessons are devoted to the logistics concept of a warehouse and storage systems where participants determine the warehouse role in the company’s supply chain, the storage strategy and the composition  functionality.

      Also, companies are trained to decide the need for warehousing, plan the warehouse complex topology according to the goods characteristics, manage and control the reengineering of warehouse processes within the company.

      During the training the course participants study all types of warehouse operations additionally analyzing the features of such stages as: picking, control, packaging and shipment of orders.

      An important block of training at logistics courses in relation to warehouse direction is the warehouse operations automation with a detailed discussion of information systems. Experts share their experience of implementing automation in various business processes concerning warehouse complexes, for example, at the phase of order processing which significantly increases the speed of shipment. Experts tell about the existing software for the automation of warehouse management and methods of its implementation for optimizing the warehouse operations.

      Inventories in warehouse logistics


      Effective inventory management is one of the key areas of educational programs by Kyiv Logistics School

      At the moment, the market is actively looking for ways to optimize the companies’ economic situation and correctly calculated inventories help not to freeze excess funds in warehouse storage, increase turnover and reduce the number of warehouse space.

      Since 2020 the Ukrainian market has been rebuilt according to new conditions: orders of small parties allow you to rationally manage the company’s budgets, be flexible and rebuild in cases of market fluctuations or a change of company development.

      Also, high-quality management of commodity orders helps to maintain a high level of customer service – fast, high-quality and large order shipment. After all, knowing the seasonality laws, planning and forecasting demand based on the existing needs of regular customers you can maintain the required level of inventory for prompt shipment of orders which also positively affects the company’s reputation.

      Logistics training of international cargo transportation processes at logistics masterclasses

      Kyiv Logistics School trains professional logisticians, expeditors, transportation suppliers and companies in all types of cargo transportation including one of the most difficult: international.

      How many rules, laws and concepts that you need to know to start operating in international transport are there? Their quantity is innumerable because almost every day there are new subtleties and specifics in this industry. Experts must be flexible, constantly engaged in self-education, attend logistics training sessions, be ready for anything and regularly visit advanced training where practitioners share their own experience and relevant knowledge.

      During the logistics training sessions of international cargo transportation participants will disassemble auto, air, sea and rail transportation, learn all the advantages and disadvantages of these transportation methods and also determine which cases are more profitable for using a mixed type of transportation: multimodal.

      Transport logistics training

      Experts answer acute and main questions of interest to participants in educational programs regarding the organization of transport logistics at training sessions and masterclasses by Logistics School. Here real experts talk about all the existing issues and nuances that may arise in the work of the transport department.

      Attending logistics training of the transport logistics economics the participants analyze the specifics of working with their own and hired fleet, highlight items of expenses, operational indicators of the fleet, approaches to managing long-distance delivery as well as methods for optimizing delivery.

      Also, on logistics courses participants learn about the factors influencing the transport logistics economics, staff motivation and ways of increasing the transport logistics productivity.

      We also discuss the methods of automation implementation in the transport logistics functioning because it may help to significantly optimize the company’s functioning.


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