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      Results of the first quarter in the world and Ukrainian logistics?

      Results of the first quarter in the world and Ukrainian logistics?

      12 05 2021

      Results of the first quarter in the world and Ukrainian logistics?

      2020 was a year of change and adaptation to new business realities, freight flows, and supply volumes.

      What results did the logistics giants achieve in the first quarter of 2021?
      – DHL – 1.9 billion euros in profit (+ 221% compared to 2020)
      – UPS – $ 22.9 billion (+ 27%)
      – FedEx – $ 19.3 billion (+ 13.3%)
      – Kuehne + Nagel – 6.6 billion dollars (+ 22.8%)

      And what was happening in the logistics market of Ukraine at that time?
      1.8 million tons of cargo were transported through Dnipro, which is 66% more than last year, of which more than 586 thousand tons was grain.
      Operators in seaports handled 32.6 million tons of cargo, 22.5% less than in the first quarter of 2020.

      What does 2021 declare to us?
      Of course, there are new trends that affect the activities and development of enterprises:
      ✅ Green logistics
      Due to the growing awareness that transport contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, environmental logistics has gained considerable importance. The development of the supply chain in advanced power management systems and vehicles on electric and solar energy to reduce their total carbon footprint is fast.
      The circle supply chain (CSC) replaces the linear one. CLC reduces costs in the long run, reduces waste and environmental impact. Another reason for the relevance of CSC is customers who are paying more and more attention to their ecosystem.

      ✅On-channel services and contactless delivery
      Today’s customers want flexibility in their orders. Omnichannel – best meets needs. Logistics is responsible for the consistent execution of orders coming from any sales channel. Whether the purchase is made online or in an actual store, the customer needs delivery options: self-pickup from the store, a fence on the side of the road or elsewhere, delivery to the door or post office – all this becomes part of doing business.
      Contactless delivery is the new norm. Supplies use robotics and applications based on artificial intelligence. First of all, the wave covered orders in the B2C direction, but now it is also active in B2B.



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