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      Bogdan Yakovlenko

      Bogdan Yakovlenko

      Expert in the field of warehouse logistics, transport logistics, management system in logistics, Director of Logistics "Epicenter-K"

      Research interests: automation of supply chain management processes, centralization of logistics processes.

      Work experience: 17 years in logistics. He worked as the director of the regional representative office of TM “Coca Cola,” director of logistics “Quiza-Trade,” TM “Velyka Kyshenya,” LLC “ATB-Market,” general director of LLC “Logistics-Union” – an affiliate of the corporation “ATB.” In addition, he managed five distribution centers in Ukraine, the total area of which is about 100 thousand square meters and a staff of approximately 4 thousand.


      Examples of achievements of Bohdan Yakovlenko

      Epicenter K:

      • Introduced a systematic approach to the management of logistics processes
      • Improved the efficiency of warehousing logistics processes, as well as the operation of management systems, including warehouse management systems WMS “Qguar” in the supply chain
      • Introduced new logistics and resource management systems, such as “Yard” and “TMS.”

      Logistics Union:

      • Organized the provision of ATB trade network with goods through central warehouses at a level of centralization of 95%
      • He built a management system for a logistics company
      • Increased economic and operational efficiency of warehousing processes in carrying out operating activities


      • Introduced a systematic approach to the management of logistics processes of the company
      • Put into operation five new modern RC
      • Implemented control systems such as “WMS Manhattan”, “TMS Shortrek”, “GPS”, “Yard”
      • Allocated transport and warehousing logistics into a separate legal entity and transferred to contractual relations with business

      Quiz Trade

      • He built a fully centralized logistics system of the enterprise
      • Put into operation the RC and organized the supply of goods to the trade network with the RC
      • Implemented the WMS Solvo system

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