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      Kseniya Valieva

      Kseniya Valieva

      Trainer and business consultant, coach of top managers, project manager

      Specialization in logistics:

      • construction and implementation of supply chain model in enterprises
      • foreign economic activity: development and organization of the system of import and export of products
      • organization of external and internal transport logistics system
      • warehouse logistics
      • development and implementation of inventory management system
      • implementation of international projects on relocating production (Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Russia)
      • personnel management, development of an effective system of motivation

      Experience in senior management positions over 10 years.

      Author of the training programs in the field of product and information flow management and emotional intelligence development.

      More than 5 years of training activities and more than 100 trainings and master classes in the field of Supply Chain Management.


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