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      Les Kebas

      Les Kebas

      Managing partner of Kebas Training Studio

      • trainer for team development, change management, and corporate culture transformation
      • in the top 20 coaches of Ukraine
      • facilitator of strategic sessions
      • speaker at forums and conferences
      • author of articles in such publications as “General Director,” “Personnel Training,” “Personnel Management,” etc.Professional certification:


      • ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Fundamentals (ICP)
      • “Change Management” Adizes Academy Of Management (California, USA)
      • “Corporate Culture Management” (Denison Consulting Europe, Zurich)
      • “Methods of Group Facilitation,” “Participatory Approach to Strategic Planning,”
      • “Society Development Intensive” (Bill Staples, Canada, ICA® Ukraine)
      • TOP – facilitation of group processes (Irina Fursman, ICA® USA, Ukraine)
      • “Organization as your tool” and “Technology of consulting” in the framework of the “School of management consultants” (Ivanov, Shusterman., Moscow)
      • “Transactional Analysis” (101 courses, Ukrainian Association for Transactional Analysis., Kyiv)
        Trainer – instructor “Rope Course” (Moscow, Adventure Collection)Additional short-term education: Management of group dynamics (A. Roitman), Coaching skills (Andrey Pligin., Moscow), Team skills (Sergey Zverev, Moscow), Transactional analysis in business (Gunther Mohr, Germany), “Six hats thinking “(Edward de Bono), Coaching of groups and teams (Alexander Savkin, Institute of Coaching, St. Petersburg), etc.

        Coaching geography: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania.

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