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      Business camp

      Archieve. Logistics Summer Camp 2021

      (finished) July 9-10, 2021

      Equides Club and the online platform ZOOM


      Summer business camp is where participants can improve “Logistics Soft and Hard Skills” in three parallel streams of workshops and panel discussions for two days. Participants will go beyond the current experience and try new management tools for business in logistics and supply chain management.

      LOGISTICS SUMMER CAMP 2021 – breaks boundaries in communication!
      You will experience even more open discussions of practitioners, new international expertise, effective networking, and quality content in simultaneous translation.

      Opportunities of the camp


      New customers and business partners

      The best professional platform for networking, open constructive discussions, search for new solutions and technologies, the ability to quickly respond to new proposals before bringing them to market.


      Exhibition of logistics solutions Logi-expo

      On the first day of the event, the companies at the exhibition will offer their own logistics solutions that will help increase business efficiency. All participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the stands and companies during the day.



      Scheduled workshops, business speed dating, parties, and buffets will allow you to meet and communicate effectively with other event participants.


      Lectures and workshops for the team and business development

      Every day at Logistics Summer Camp 2021 there will be not only lessons and discussion panels but also workshops. Groups will work on examples of business cases, tools, and methods for optimizing business processes.


      30 speakers, including 15 international experts

      Practical and easy to apply knowledge from the best experts-practitioners of Kyiv Logistics School. Opportunity to meet mentors for independent development in the direction of coaching and consulting.


      Simultaneous translation into English for the participants from around the world

      Opportunity to share a variety of experiences, get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of different countries and regions of Ukraine, establishing business and professional communities.

      Key topics of LOGISTICS SUMMER CAMP 2021

      Leadership, management of successful managers and development systems by competencies in logistics and supply chains

      Create a system of key performance indicators (KPIs) for running of your business with which you can track growth areas

      Learn about innovations and trends in the development of logistics business and supply chains in 2020-2030

      Practical working sessions and business games with the participation of leading coaches, facilitators, and market experts

      External and internal customer service (cross-functional interaction) and operational efficiency. Cooperation projects of market leaders

      General partner of LOGISTICS SUMMER CAMP 2021



      Learn practical tips for optimizing logistics costs and improving operational efficiency


      Find potential customers and business partners. Consider the possibility of developing new joint cross-sectoral projects


      Create a system of key performance indicators (KPIs) for running of your business, with which you can track growth areas


      Learn about innovations and trends in logistics business and supply chains in 2020-2030


      Optimize the system of hiring, training, motivation, and staff development in your own companies


      You will have individual access to the archive of all presentations of reports, materials of masterclasses, and essential materials that will increase the competitiveness of your business.

      Packages of participation in Logistics Summer Camp 2021


      4200 UAH

      only 70 tickets

      • All streams of working sessions and presentations of speakers within 2 days
      • Handouts for training
      • Photos from Logistics Summer Camp 2021
      • Buffet in honor of the end of the event, 10.07.
      • Coffee breaks, lunches
      • Certificate of participation from Kyiv Logistics School


      6500 UAH

      only 40 tickets

      • All streams of working sessions and presentations of speakers within 2 days
      • Handouts for training
      • Photos from Logistics Summer Camp 2021
      • Buffet in honor of the end of the event, 10.07.
      • Coffee breaks, lunches
      • Certificate of participation from Kyiv Logistics School
      • + Video recording of all speeches of speakers
      • + Participation in the GALA-PARTY 09.07.
      • + Participation in traditional master classes and transformational psychological games, business simulators


      9700 UAH

      only 10 tickets

      • All streams of working sessions and presentations of speakers within 2 days
      • Handouts for training
      • Photos from Logistics Summer Camp 2021
      • Buffet in honor of the end of the event, 10.07.
      • Coffee breaks, lunches in restaurant
      • Certificate of participation from Kyiv Logistics School
      • + Video recording of all speeches of speakers
      • + Participation in the GALA-PARTY 09.07.
      • + Participation in traditional master classes and transformational psychological games, business simulators
      • + Access to the Lounge Zone 09.07. from 11:00 to 12:00 and 10.07. from 11:00 to 12:00
      • + Individual 1 hour consultation with camp experts and speakers *

      Working day formats of Logistics Summer Camp 2021

      • program of analytical and practical reports with the involvement of leading experts in the Ukrainian and international markets. Exchange of experience and advanced training directly at the event, successful experience of colleagues;
      • announcements, presentations, and workshops on effective management of demand planning, warehouse, transport, procurement, inventory, and production in the supply chain;
      • practical working sessions and business games with the participation of leading coaches, facilitators, and market experts;
      • panel discussions and open consultations on topical issues of effective management of multimodal logistics, customer service, “last mile,” and the development of emotional intelligence;
      • exhibition of solutions and technologies – Logi-Expo Summer 2021 is a demo zone of projects, services, solutions, equipment, technologies, and innovations (consultations, visual demonstration, express presentations)
      • Business Speed ​​Dating. Negotiations of 15 minutes for a maximum of 3 meetings that are agreed upon in advance. These are negotiations, agreements on cooperation, and the development of joint initiatives and projects.

      Logistics Summer Camp 2021 program

      July 9, Friday

      Registration, morning coffee

      09:30 – 10:00

      Registration starts at 9:30

      Guests receive participant badges and access to a coffee area

      Registration finishes at 11:00

      Opening of the event

      10:00 – 10:30

      Introductory speech by the founder and director of the Kyiv Logistics School. Presentation of the general sponsor. General photo session

      Speaker: Vira Dobachevska, President of BOARD RT UA of CSCMP, Head and Founder of Kyiv Logistics School

      Speaker: Kateryna Lungu, Head of Marketing, Quantum International

      How to choose soft for logistics. Pitfalls

      • Problems with software functions
      • What pains should your software cover.
      • Determine the class of the system
      • Current needs of the customer company
      • Ergonomics of the system
      • Choosing a partner. The scale and complexity of the integrator company
      • Preparation for the project and selection of a local implementation team
      Changes in global supply chains and operational efficiency as a competitive advantage of business

      10:40 – 12:00

      Speaker: Alexander Logvin

      Speaker: Vita Miroshnychenko, Head of Customs Practice, PwC Ukraine

      International trends and innovations

      • How does obtaining AEO status contribute to process optimization, cost reduction, and profitable customs procedures?
      • Preparing the company for the conformity assessment
      • Practical recommendations for successful completion of conformity assessment and obtaining AEO status

      Speaker: Stanislav Zinchenko, CEO of GMK Center

      • Global trends affecting the value chain: the growth of protectionism, urbanization,
        decarbonization, digitalization, rising logistics costs
      • New challenges for those who build and manage value chains
      • New opportunities for those who provide logistics services
      • Operational efficiency under the pressure of costs and flexibility
      Innovations, new trends, and technology supermarkets for logistics and supply chains

      10:40 – 12:00

      Speaker: Oleksiy Reznichenko, Co-founder of RobotecUA

      5 things that are not taken into account (but should) in the implementation of logistics robots

      • Recent history of warehouse robots
      • Types of robots by functional purpose
      • Types of robots by way of navigation
      • World leaders and trends in the robotization of logistics processes of distribution centers
      • Technical issues of implementation of logistics robots
      • Security and cybersecurity when implementing robots
      • Integration with WMS
      • Technical characteristics of domestic robots
      • Opportunities for joint pilot projects and creation of test sites with minimal capital investment
      • Opportunities for cooperation, cost reduction, and capital costs through the production of robots at the customer’s enterprise
      • Question-answer session

      Speaker: Danilo Polyakov, Data Scientist Kernel

      What is DS? The simplest tasks and algorithms

      • How is the life cycle of a DS project arranged?
      • What is needed to implement it, which team?
      • Practical Kernel experience
      • Typical tasks in logistics and retail

      Speaker: Moises Palma, Vice President of Contract Logistics at SB Logistics

      Ukraine as a production hub for global supply chains. Industrial parks as integration platforms

      10:40 – 12:00

      Speaker: Ksenia Valieva, an expert in Supply Chain Management and Project management

      Speaker: Dmytro Martynenko, Managing Partner of Quarter Partners Investment Company

      Speaker: Vitaly Bulda, Robert Bosch LTD

      Speaker: Vitaly Barannikov

      Speaker: Vasyl Hoshovsky


      12:00 – 13:00

      Creating effective teams and teamwork. Inter-functional groups for logistics and supply management

      13:00 – 14:30

      Speaker: Miquel Serracanta, Owner of Solutions & Decisions

      Technology and talent: how to create the optimal combination?

      • The right balance of acquiring new technologies to improve processes and find the best candidates to fill supply chain roles
      • The current AS IS scenario
      • Real practical cases of best practices
      • Pitfalls
      • Current and future challenges, barriers to improvement
      • The importance of organizational culture

      Speaker: Les Kebas, Managing Partner of Kebas Training Studio

      Creating effective teams and teamwork. Interfunctional groups for logistics and supply management

      • The challenges that executives face in the VUCA world today.
      • What leading companies already practice responses to the VUCA challenge
      • Global trends in management. Factors and accents that affect the effectiveness of the organization
      • Why are teams so important today and tomorrow?
      • The main stages of team development: what a leader should know about the method of forced integration
      • Key aspects and conditions for the team winning
      • What is essential for team management (group axioms of an effective team)
      Benchmark in logistics and SCM. SCOR model. Defragmentation of the delivery and return process

      13:00 – 14:30

      Speaker: Bruno Stefanutti, SEO Consept, APICS instructor
      Speaker: Stepan Kobzev, APICS Associate Instructor

      • Understand the origins and goals of the SCOR model
      • The structure of the two-volume SCOR directory
      • Working with the main components of the SCOR model: Efficiency, Processes, Practices, People
      • Green SCOR
      • Metrics for SCOR processes: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, Enable
      • Development of SCOR improvement program. Introduction
      Leadership for change. A people-centered approach to creating an inspiring vision and upholding it throughout the organization

      13:00 – 14:30

      Alla Zadneprovska

      Speaker: Alla Zadneprovska, CEO and owner of the Consulting Group “Zhyve Dilo”

      Leader of change

      • Leadership and the realities of the time
      • Change management. Meaning is a way to go through resistance
      • The ability to lose – growth and a positive view of negative things
      • Awareness is the key to adaptability
      • Openness to the new – the only option to see opportunities
      • Flexibility of thinking – the basis of trust, partnership and effective communication
      • Energy as the ability to inspire and lead
      Automation of supply chain management. Prerequisites and solutions

      14:40 – 16:00

      Speaker: Lev Gendelman, Managing Partner of DigiBizMobi

      • Advanced technologies
      • Digitization of cargo and transport assets by IoT sensors (Internet of things)
      • IoT sensors for agriculture and food industry, Medi-Pharma, mining, retail, manufacturing, distributors, and developers
      • Practical IoT solutions for logistics automation from the world’s leading technology brands
      • Positive changes in the professional life of supply chain specialists, their internal partners, and customers

      Speakers: Andriy Chernyavsky, Commercial Director of WareTeka, and Marie Churkina, Product Development Manager, WareTeka On-Demand

      How WareTeka is changing its approach to finding outsourced warehousing logistics services and warehouse rental

      • Current approaches to finding logistics outsourcing services
      • How WareTeka changes and optimizes these approaches
      • How WareTeka helps 3PL operators change their policy to finding and onboarding customers
      • Digitization of the market of rent/purchase of warehouse real estate
      Financial and investment attractiveness in the supply chain. Macroeconomic review and initiating factors in Ukraine

      14:40 – 16:00

      Speaker: Ivan Kompan, Founder of First Kyiv Investment Club

      • What influences the development of the situation in the world economy?
      • Why rejoice and what to beware of?
      • Financial markets as a way to look into the future
      • Ukraine’s place in global processes
      • What can Ukrainian business hope for?
      Critical and systematic thinking. Adaptation and data processing

      14:40 – 16:00

      Speaker: Julia Bratus, Partner of Kaizen Partners 

      • Deming-Schuhart cycle
      • DMAIC – 5 steps of project development
      • Six Sigma tools in logistics
      Exhibition of start-ups and solutions for logistics and supply chains Start-up & Solutions Exhibition

      16:00 – 16:45

      Conducting individual meetings for participants of Logistics Summer Camp 2021 Business Speed ​​Dating

      16:45 – 17:30

      Success stories from owners and directors of market leaders

      17:30 – 18:30

      Logistic intellectual and sports quest - "Logistics Ironman." And also traditional masterclasses, networking (for participants of PREMIUM, VIP packages)

      18:30 – 20:00


      10:00 - 20:30

      Fire Circle party and ceremony of winners of the quest "Logistics Ironman."

      20:30 – 00:00

      July 10, Saturday

      Opening Day 2. Global collaboration for CSM practitioners and career development. CSCMP round table in Ukraine.

      10:00 – 10:50

      Speaker: Miquel Serracanta, founder of Solutions & Decisions

      Speaker: Lyudmila Popok, Head of Inventory Management at Terrafood

      Speaker: Andriy Alekseev, Logistics Director of JSC “Molochny Alliance”

      Global electronic data interchange. Digitization of logistics and supply chain management in Ukraine

      11:00 – 13:00

      Speaker: Farid Safarov, Director General of the Directorate of Digital Infrastructure for Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

      Anton Zinchenko, Project Manager Institute of Analytics and Advocacy

      The process of digitalization of transportation in Ukraine:

      • Details about e-TTN
      • e-CABINET of the carrier
      • Permission for international transportation
      • Ordering permit forms

      Speaker: Eugene Trombola, Director of the Department for Implementation of Innovative Solutions EDIN

      Speaker: Oleg Rudkovsky, Co-Founder and CPO Sovtes

      Multimodal strategies. Evolution of transport. Competition and green initiatives

      11:00 – 13:00

      Speaker: Iryna Novikova, CEO of GEFCO Ukraine

      • Why do you need multimodal solutions?
      • Shipping – Challenges 2021
      • Transshipment of containers in ports
      • Ukrainian freight market
      • Transportation China – Ukraine: railway, air, brake beam, car
      • Success stories of business cases

      Speaker: Victoria Naumcheva, Founder of Fair Logics

      Speaker: Ctirad Klimanek, Executive Director of

      Digital solutions and interconnections in rail freight

      • Development of the railway freight sector in recent years
      • Quality marketing and promotion of services
      • Current trends in railway freight
      • online platform – sustainable, digital, and competitive
      Sustainable development in the supply chain and logistics. To-do list and case exchange session

      11:00 – 13:00


      13:00 – 14:00

      Cold chain strategies and tactics. Safety and temperature control during transportation and storage

      14:00 – 16:00

      Speaker: Igor Boyko, Commercial Director of UMT

      Speaker: Eugene Shulga, Business Group Logistics

      Speaker: Tatiana Kotlyar

      The evolution of logistics in retail and distribution. Inter-business cooperation

      14:00 – 16:00

      Speaker: Bohdan Yakovlenko, Fozzy Group

      Speaker: Malachy O’Connor, Founder of Food First Consulting

      Speaker: Mykhailo Taran, Director of Logistics Department PROSTOR (STYLE D LLC)

      Managing promotions or how to turn chaos into systematic work

      • A practical case for the implementation of an automated promotional management system
      • The life cycle of the promotion, in terms of inventory management.
      • Practical tools that need to be used to improve the management of promotions

      Speaker: Andriy Zavizion, ATB

      E-commerce logistics and its impact on supply chain management. Fulfillment and last-mile challenges

      14:00 – 16:00

      Speaker: Igor Smirnov, ALLO

      Success stories and giveaways from sponsors

      16:10 – 17:00

      Closing of Logistics Summer Camp 2021. Buffet in honor of the completion of Logistics Summer Camp 2021

      17:00 – 18:00

      Partners Logistics Summer Camp 2021


      Vira Dobachevska

      President of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals in Ukraine. Head and founder of Kyiv Logistics School

      Bruno Stefanutti

      Bruno STEFANUTTI is the founder, CEO of Consept counsulting and training company in Padua(Italy) and he is the association’s international partner of APICS since 2014. …

      Alla Zadneprovska

      CEO and owner of the “Zhyve Dilo” Consulting Group

      Stanislav Zinchenko

      Project Manager, Production Management and Logistics Consultant, Director of GMK Center, Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Development of the European Business Association

      Malachy O’Connor

      Founder of Food First Consulting

      Lev Gendelman

      Managing partner of DigiBizMobi

      Ivan Kompan

      Founder of First Kyiv Investment Club

      Anton Zinchenko

      Project manager in the field of digitalization

      Stepan Kobzev

      Associated APICS instructor. Logistics Director of MIRS Corporation

      Yulia Bratus

      Expert in the development and implementation of lean manufacturing tools

      Farid Safarov

      Head of the Directorate of Digital Infrastructure for Transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

      Irina Novikova

      CEO of GEFCO Ukraine

      Bogdan Yakovlenko

      Expert in the field of warehouse logistics, transport logistics, management system in logistics, Director of Logistics “Epicenter-K”

      Victoria Naumcheva

      Expert in the field of maritime transport. Founder of Fair Logics

      Kseniya Valieva

      Trainer and business consultant, coach of top managers, project manager

      Igor Boyko

      Commercial Director of UMT

      Miquel Serracanta

      Advisor | Coach | Founder Solutions & Decisions

      Alex Reznichenko

      Сo-founder RobotecUA

      Media partners


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