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      SCOR Methodology from official APICS master – Bruno Stefanutti

      SCOR - Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) is a model used to build an efficient supply chain. Created by experts based on the best practices of companies and recognized worldwide

      6, 7, 20, 21, 27, 28.05 09:00-13:00


      About training

      The training is developed specifically for all types of supply chain professionals. It provides a deep understanding of the latest version of the supply chain operations model (SCOR), introduces participants to the scope and content of the APICS SCOR. During the training, participants learn the basic components (planning, implementation, source, supply, return, feature) in terms of the supply chain. With the help of the SCOR model, the analysis of the current supply chain processes is carried out and a plan of improvements and necessary changes to increase SCOR model efficiency is created. Performance indicators are also created which allow you to measure and control activities. These are key markers in monitoring of improvement processes.

      Lesson plan


      Exposure of SCOR structure

      SCOR reference sources

      SCOR: used sources

      Performance of SCOR: definition

      SCOR performance maces and levels

      SCOR processes

      SCOR processes and supply chain

      SCOR processes: standard

      Use SCORE: definition

      Humans SCORE: definition

      Green one SCOR: definition

      Basic concepts, role model and structure

      Project lifecycle

      Project manager role


      Motivation to implement the improvement program of SCOR

      Organization of SCOR improvement program

      Scoping study of SCOR

      Creation of a supply chain definition matrix

      Charter of the improvement program

      Practical example of application


      Choice of metrics: level 1 and level 2


      Formation of SCORecard

      Supply chain example settings

      Development of a preliminary project portfolio

      Priority and sequencing of projects

      A practical example of how to optimize specific projects

      Improve upon the draft

      Project start test


      Bruno Stefanutti

      Bruno STEFANUTTI is the founder, CEO of Consept counsulting and training company in Padua(Italy) and he is the association’s international partner of APICS since 2014. One of the 15 trainers of MASTER APICS SCOR in the world!

      Training opens up possibilities

      Improve the efficiency of supply chains. SCOR is an important tool for managing the efficiency of supply chains. Training will help to understand SCOR objectives, structure and frames

      Use SCOR in the improvement program. The program is practice oriented. As part of the training, participants will learn how to use the SCOR framework for their own supply chain improvement programs

      Improve knowledge on Supply Chain Management. Training allows to gain a deep understanding of the SCOR model and to develop a real project on how to optimize the supply chain

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        Format of participation and objectives of the training



        • 6-days online course
        • Discussions and practical exercises


        Objectives of the training:

        • Understand the origins and purposes of the SCOR structure
        • Working with the four central parts of the SCOR structure
        • Develop an improvement program of SCOR
        • Understand the five phases of a model of SCOR improvement
        • Apply SCOR structures to the supply chain improvement project

        Cost of the course

        3100 €

        • 6 sessions online
        • Discussions and practical exercises
        • Establishment of a supply chain improvement project
        • User guide and SCOR framework ver. 12.00
        • membership in APICS PLUS - 165 €
        • Examination on completion of the course within six months

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